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Tired of long waiting times? Maybe you want a tattoo today at drop in? Wanna find the best “tattoo shop near me” ?  We always have drop in tattoo in Gothenburg to the extent of time. Please call us and check the tattoo status of the day. Tattoo studio in central Gothenburg with several talented tattoo artists – perhaps some of the best in Gothenburg.

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Unique Tattoos

While some people absolutely hate tattoos, others are constantly searching for new wonderful looks or perhaps symbolic images to immortalize their bodies. In fact, tattoos are not just simple image combinations but the combination of their meaning. A meaningful tattoo does not look unnecessary and can help you feel more complete and in harmony with your inner world. And that’s what makes each tattoo unique. Why not implement them with full responsibility and understand its inner meaning first?




Celebs & Charactor

Our Services

Some of our services



Tattoo Removal

Removal of black and coulored pigments with laser.



Tattoo on old tattoos

Got the name of your ex ?
Do you have a tattoo you now regret?Maybe we can help you cover it.



Tattoo, vegan

Vegan tattoo ? We have all the products to make your tattoo completely vegan.



Recostructive tattoos

Reconstruction of for example
areolas or nipples,
covering of scars.

The Studio

Skindiver Tattoo is a tattoo studio in central Gothenburg where you as a customer are always the focus. No matter what kind of tattoo you want to do, you are in good hands when you come to us and our talented tattoo artists. Do you have a finished picture, some idea – or do you not know at all? We help you all the way from idea to finished tattoo

Our Tattooartists / Tattooers

Our tattooartists are selected to complement each other, they have different backgrounds and all master a variety of styles in tattoo and art. All tattoos have many years of tattoo backgrounds that often extend far beyond Sweden’s borders. We at skindiver tattoo strive to give you as the customer the best.

Welcome to us today to meet and talk with our skilled artists, even if you are not sure about your tattoo, we are happy to offer you a cup of coffee and some nice hang.

We have guest artists at regular intervals from different parts of the world and Sweden – Do you perhaps have a favorite artist you want to visit us? Are you a tattoo artist or artist? Feel free to contact us at any time.



Tattooartist - Gothenburg

Multi style tattoartist, realism, minimalism, watercolor, oldschool, geometrical och texter
Edy -tattoo

Edy -tattoo

Guestartist - Gothenburg

Multi style artist,, tribal, coverup, semirealism, geometric


Apprentice/Grafic designer - Göteborg

Multi style artist,
traditional neotraditional
Open Position

Open Position

Gothenburg - Sweden

Tattooartist wanted


There is always something new going on in our tattoo world. Check here for latest tattoo news.


Drop in tattoo

We are always have Drop In Tattoo in our city tattoo studio in Gothenburg - No walk in, always call us first and check we are not already booked with tattoos. Don't come here the last second before closing and believe you will be tattooed. Please call before you come and check that we have time for drop in tattoo.


Brand yourself

Tattoos are one of the best ways to brand yourself.With the right tattoos you can be anyone you wanna be.

Be your self or become someone
- its all your choise.



Would you fit into our team - are you the puzzle piece we didn't know we were missing? Can you bring good energy and creative ideas to us? In that case, we think you should continue reading some more.


You will find us at Stora Arödsgatan 30 at Hisingen in Gothenburg in the same studio as Ink tattoo.

(We do not remain on Baldersgatan 3 in old Painted Pirate's studio at Ullevi)

If you come by train to Gothenburg Central Station, you easily walk to Brunnsparken and from there bus 52 goes to Skogome to us.

You can easily get here by public transport. Take the tram or bus to Brunnsparken or Backaplan (Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen) and from there bus 52 towards Skogome. Travel time from Brunnsparken 12 min and from Backaplan only 6 minutes. Get off at Bus stop Stora Arödsgatan stop, and follow the street up to No. 30 on the left.
For bus times etc. see Västrafik travel planner.

You can also come by car. Free parking outside the studio.



Skindiver Tattoo Studio                                                Stora Arödsgatan 30
422 43 GÖTEBORG (Hisingsbacka)

Opening hours Weekdays
Monday-Friday 12-18
(Call first, only appointments)


Phone: +46 (0) 79 33 40 400
Email: [email protected]


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